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Queensland legislation is changing, and Martel Electrical offers smoke alarm installation services that can ensure your home is up to date.


Smoke Alarm Installation & Testing

Every year there are more than 1000 residential fires. Most happen during the night when you’re fast asleep. A working smoke alarm system could save your life, and changes to Queensland law may require you to have alarms installed in your home.

The certified Master Electricians at Martel Electrical can design a system that complies with current and future Queensland legislation. Our services cover smoke alarm installation Brisbane northside and surrounding suburbs. 

From smoke alarm installation, testing and replacement services designed to keep your family, home and businesses safe. Book your smoke alarm check today to find out if you’re ready for Queensland's new legislation.

Queensland smoke alarm laws

Smoke Alarm Laws are Changing

On January 1 2022, Queensland rolled out the next phase of its updated smoke alarm laws. All new and renovated homes, as well as homes being rented or sold, now need an interconnected photoelectric smoke alarm system. Homes affected by the current legislation include:

  • New homes
  • Substantially renovated homes
  • Any home being sold
  • Any home being leased
  • Any home where an existing lease is renewed

The updated regulations state that homes must have interconnected smoke alarms installed in the following areas:

  • At least one smoke alarm per storey
  • All bedrooms and sleeping areas
  • Hallways connecting bedrooms to the rest of the house, or
  • If there is no hallway, between the bedrooms and other parts of the storey

All new and existing dwellings will need to comply with these regulations from January 1 2027. But don’t wait – if your alarms are old, or if you’re unsure if they comply, get in touch with Martel Electrical and book your smoke alarm installation or check today.

Photoelectric smoke alarms

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Installation

Queensland’s new legislation requires homeowners to install interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms. Photoelectric smoke alarms use light to detect the presence of smoke in a room. This type of alarm is more responsive to fires, and they’re less prone to false alarms, such as when cooking.

Martel Electrical supplies photoelectric smoke alarm systems from Australia’s leading manufacturers.

Our range includes:

  • Wired or wirelessly interconnected alarms
  • Mains-powered alarms
  • Battery-powered alarms with 10-year lithium batteries

Interconnected smoke detectors are designed so that all alarms will sound in the event of a fire. That ensures you have plenty of warning to leave the home and keep your family safe.

If you've been thinking of upgrading or replacing, contact us for a smoke alarm installation Brisbane northside.

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upgrade your smoke alarms

Book Your Smoke Alarm Check Today

Most residential fires are caused by electrical faults or simple accidents. The best thing you can do to protect your family is to update your smoke alarms.

Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord or body corporate, Martel Electrical can help. We work with high quality products, and our experienced north Brisbane electricians can design an installation that meets Queensland’s changing legislation.

There’s no need to wait for the 2027 deadline. If your smoke alarms are old, or if it’s been a while since you tested the system, get in touch with us and book your smoke alarm check or smoke alarm installation. We’ll make sure your alarms are up to date and ready to protect your family from anything.

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    Smoke Alarm Installation Questions

    How many smoke alarms do I actually need for my house?

    All new and renovated homes, as well as homes being rented or sold, now need an interconnected photoelectric smoke alarm system. So depending on the style and design of your home, how many storeys it has, bedrooms, and hallways or interconnected areas, will determine how many smoke alarms you need.

    Do you supply a certificate of compliance upon completion of works?

    Yes, all smoke alarms we supply and install come with a detailed certificate that shows the installation date and type of alarms used.


    Do you have to change the batteries on your smoke alarms?

    No, the brand of alarms that we use have ten lithium back up batteries that require no maintenance for the life spam of the alarms.


    What warranty do you have with your alarms?

    All of our smoke alarms come with a 7 year warranty where we will come back and repair/replace any alarms free of charge if there are non environmental issues.


    How do I hush the smoke alarms? 

    As a special option, we can supply a remote to hush the smoke alarms.