February 19, 2024

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fans are a summer staple in Brisbane. They’re an affordable and effective way to beat the heat, especially when they’re combined with split system air conditioning.

Installing new ceiling fans is a minor project that requires the support of a licensed electrician. Your electrician can make short work of supplying, installing and maintaining your ceiling fans, ensuring you’ve got plenty of cool air for summer.

The cost of ceiling fan installation can vary widely. In this article, we’ll find out how much it costs to install a ceiling fan without existing wiring, and the factors you’ll need to consider when purchasing fans.

How Much to Install a Ceiling Fan Without Existing Wiring?

An electrician will charge approximately $200 to install a new ceiling fan without existing wiring (according to hipages). This only covers the installation – you will need to purchase the ceiling fan separately. Note that the price of installation varies widely. Speak to your electrician for a quote that’s specific to your home.

The cost of installing a brand new ceiling fan is based on things like:

  • The type of ceiling fan you choose
  • The number of fans you’re installing
  • The complexity of running new wiring and switches
  • Whether your ceiling fan has integrated lighting
  • Indoor vs outdoor fans
  • Whether there’s space to work in your ceiling cavity

It may only take a few hours to install a new fan, or it could take half a day or more, depending on the complexity of the project. You’ll have to speak to your electrician for a more accurate quote.

How Much to Replace an Existing Ceiling Fan?

You can expect to pay about $130-$160 for an electrician to replace a ceiling fan (according to hipages). Prices vary widely depending on your home and existing fans. Speak to your electrician for a tailored quote.

While you save money because you don’t need to run new wiring, there’s still a few hours of labour involved with replacing an existing ceiling fan.

man installing a ceiling fan

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fans can cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000 or more, depending on the design and features.

We recommend choosing ceiling fans with the help of your electrician. Fans need to be matched to the size, shape and layout of the room they’re being installed in. Expert advice can help you choose the best fans for your home and budget.

When purchasing ceiling fans, you need to consider:

  • Size of the room – The size of a room determines the diameter of the fan you need.
  • Ceiling height – Rooms with low ceilings will benefit from low profile ceiling fans, which may cost more upfront.
  • Cross-ventilation – Fans create air flow within a room. This works with natural ventilation to keep the space cool. The size and placement of windows and doorways can have an impact on which ceiling fan you choose and where it’s placed within the room.
  • Number of blades – The number of blades on a ceiling fan impacts its performance and noise levels. Fewer blades generally provide more air flow, but they can produce more noise than models with additional blades.
  • Blade material – Ceiling fans can have steel, stainless steel, timber or plastic fan blades. The material you choose will impact the noise level and how well your fan will perform, especially in outdoor environments.
  • Indoor vs outdoor installation – If you want to install fans on your patio, they’ll need to be rated for outdoor installation.
  • Noise level – Look for ceiling fans that are quiet. Choose a model with timber blades and a high quality motor for the lowest amount of noise.
  • Energy efficiency – Ceiling fans are substantially more energy-efficient than air conditioners. You can take it one step further by choosing a modern fan with an efficient motor and advanced features, such as smart home controls.

Can I Install Ceiling Fans Myself?

Ceiling fans can only be installed by a licensed electrician in Australia.

Household ceiling fans run on 240V power. It’s dangerous to install a fan without the proper training, tools and equipment.

Most manufacturer’s warranties also require that your appliances are installed by a professional. This means you can’t make a warranty claim if you installed the ceiling fan yourself.

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