January 10, 2024

Can I Install My Own Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning is a must-have in the Brisbane heat. With summer setting in, more and more people are searching for ways to stay cool, but a split system air conditioner is hard to beat.

The only downside to air conditioning is that it’s not DIY-friendly. If you’re looking for a way to cool off right this instant, you’re better off with a pool or a trip to the local shops. If you’re willing to invest a bit more time and money, a proper air conditioner is the answer you’re searching for.

In this article we’ll discuss whether you can install your own air conditioning and how you can beat the heat without professional help.

Can I Install My Own Air Conditioning?

No. You are not allowed to install your own air conditioning in Australia. Air conditioners require electrical and refrigeration work, so they must be installed by licensed professionals.

In Queensland, all electrical work must be carried out by a trained person who holds an electrical contractor licence. Installing a split system air conditioner is simple, but it does require electrical work (e.g. wiring, connecting the system, and upgrading the switchboard).

Air conditioners also contain refrigerant chemicals. These chemicals are responsible for transporting heat through the system and keeping your home cool. Most refrigerants are harmful to humans, pets and the environment. As such, refrigerant must be handled by a technician that holds a valid ARCtick licence from the Australian Refrigeration Council.

Split system air conditioners are often installed by electricians. Electricians can obtain an ARCtick licence that allows them to handle each part of the air conditioning installation process.

Can I Repair My Own Air Conditioning?

Typically no. Most types of air conditioning repairs require electrical or refrigeration work. These tasks can only be performed by a tradesperson who holds an appropriate qualification.
Repairing an air conditioner can also affect the manufacturer’s warranty. Most warranties state that any repair work needs to be performed by a professional, or the warranty is voided.

Can I Service My Own Air Conditioning?

In some cases, yes, although it’s best to have your air conditioner serviced by a qualified technician.
Air conditioners need to be professionally serviced every 12 months to ensure they’re in perfect condition. In between professional servicing appointments, you can help maintain your air conditioner by cleaning the filter yourself.
You can clean the system’s air filter by:

  • Opening the front panel of the internal wall unit
  • Removing the filter from its housing
  • Using a garden hose and mild soap to clean any dust and debris off both sides of the filter
  • Rinsing away any soap residue
  • Leaving the filter in a shady spot until it’s completely dry
  • Reinstalling the filter in the air conditioner
  • Testing the system to make sure it works as normal

You’ll still need to have your air conditioner professionally serviced once per year. During service appointments, a technician will inspect and test each part of the system. This improves energy efficiency and allows your technician to spot small problems before they turn into major repair bills.

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Stay Cool This Summer with Split System Air Conditioning by Martel Electrical!

Installing a split system air conditioner may look simple, but it’s a job that can only be handled by the professionals. The electricians at Martel Electrical are qualified ARCtick technicians, so we can take care of every part of the process!

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We take a tailored approach to air conditioning installation. The performance of your system is affected by things like the orientation of your house, the size and shape of the room, and how you use the air conditioner. We’ll discuss these factors with you and make a recommendation that suits your needs.

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